February 2023 Attendance Options & Fees

Full Time 8am – 6pmHour RatePer Week
5 days (50 hours)8.00£400
4 days (40 hours)9.00£360
3 days (30 hours)10.00£300
2 days (20 hours)11.00£220
Core Time 9am – 4pmHour RatePer Week
5 days (35 hours)9.00£315
4 days (28 hours)10.00£280
3 days (21 hours)11.00£231
2 days (14 hours)12.00£168
Morning Session
9am - 12pm
£25.00 per hour£75.00 Per session
Afternoon Session 1pm - 4pm£25.00 per hour£75.00 Per session
Extra Hours£25.00 per hour
Non-refundable Registration Fee £100
Deposit4 x weekly fee payable 2 months before starting. Once paid this will be kept in lieu of notice if you choose not to start for any reason. It will also be used in lieu of notice if a place has been kept for September but your child is offered a last minute place in school. In all other circumstances the deposit will be refunded after your child has left, so long as payments are up to date and the correct notice has been given.
Late Payment of Fees£40 will be added to the next invoice if your bill is not paid by the 5 th of the month.
Late Collection£40 for 1 st 5 mins plus £5 per minute thereafter. We have no insurance after 6pm and two members of staff have to be paid to stay in the building until your child is collected.