Cooking activities are regularly incorporated into the nursery timetable where all children have the opportunity to create culinary delights! 

If they can wait to show their yummy creations then they will be sent home with the child but more often than not they get eaten before that! Cooking develops practical life skills, social skills and is a much loved part of the nursery activities.


We are lucky to be a nursery with an outside area attached. We use this area as an outside learning experience for the children. Apart from the ride, balance and catch toys we also use this area to develop a child’s knowledge of the world through our gardening activities. Each spring a selection of seeds and plants are planted by the children who are taught the importance of care and nurture of plants. A mixture of edible and flowering plants is grown to show the children a range of planting. Any crops that are harvested are then incorporated in our cooking activities so the children can taste new things and understand the satisfaction of producing their own food.

We have a dance teacher who visits once a week. Dance is introduced to all the children by way of simple rhythms and movement. Dance helps a child’s physical development and confidence.


The skill of bilingual communication is developed at nursery through the attendance of a French teacher once a week. The children are taught basic conversational French. To date this class has proved extremely popular for both parents and children who have enjoyed it immensely. French food tasting and the use of all other resources help to make these lessons enjoyable.


The computer is used regularly used to teach the children basic keyboard skills and mouse control. We use recommended educational programmes.


The adventure of words and books is encouraged by weekly visits to the library where the children can select books to take back to the nursery. A librarian regularly comes into the nursery and reads stories to the children to encourage a love for words and art of storytelling. There are stories read every day to both small and large groups to encourage listening skills. Older children are encouraged to take books home to read with their family.


A full creative programme combing drama, movement & music. These classes develop key social skills whilst igniting the imagination.